Who were Salim’s sons?

Prince Salim had five sons, but only a few of the boys get attention in the history books.

Giving birth to a son during this time was a big deal. Why did Salim’s last three sons get so little attention? Especially once Salim became emperor?

Many seem to assume the last two sons came from concubines. But did they? The emperor’s autobiography, translated by Major David Price in 1829 makes it clear.


“…my father placed the daughter of Rajah Bharmul in his own palace, and finally espoused her to me. It was by this princess I had my son Khossrou.”

The history books are filled with information about Khusrau and his fate. He was the son of Shah Begum (ManBai).


“…by the daughter of Moutah Rajah (Juggut Gossaeine) was born my son Khorroum.”

This is the famous Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal. He was the son of Jagat Gosain (Jodeh Bai)


“…by Sauheb Jamaul, the neice of Zeyne Khaun Khoukah, I had a son born at Kabul, on whom my father bestowed the name Parveiz.”

There is a bit written about this son. He was the son of Sahib Jamal (the woman I have named Ceyda in my books).


“Again, by the mother of Parveiz I had another son, to whom, at my accession to the throne, they gave the name of Jahaundar.”

Not to be confused with Jahandar Shah, there is very little documented about this son. The mother of Parvis, Sahib Jamal, supposedly died in 1599. Salim ascended to the throne in 1605. How was she able to have this son six years after her death? And why are there few pictures or very little documented about him? Something strange is afoot in the history books!


“…and last of all, by the mother of Khorroum I had another son, who received the name of Sheheryaur”

There is a bit written about this son, as he was married to Nur Jahan’s daughter for a short time. Jagat Gosain gave birth to two sons.

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