What happened to the prince’s daughters?

I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of all the children of Prince Salim. He had five boys and ten girls. All five boys lived to adulthood. According to Jahangir’s autobiography, only one girl lived to adulthood. Why did most of the baby girls not survive?

Birth OrderMother of ChildChild’s Given NameBirth DateDeath DateSurvived to Adulthood
1Shah Begum (ManBai)Sultan-un-Nissa (Nithar) Begum4/22/15869/5/1646lived 60 years
2Shah Begum (ManBai)Khusrau Mirza8/3/15871/26/1622lived 35 years
3Malika Shikar BegumOuffet Banu Begum4/6/1589c. 1/1/1592
4Sahib JamalParvis Mirza10/31/158910/28/1626lived 37 years
5daughter of Raja Darya Malbhas (Derya Komm)Daulat-un-Nissa Begum12/24/1589c. 7/24/1590
6Karamsi Begum (Beiby Karmitty)Bahar Baunu Begum10/9/159012/9/1590 or 9/8/1653 lived 63 years
7Jagat Gosain (Jodeh Bai)Begum Sultan Begum10/9/1590c. 9/15/1591
8Sahib Jamalno name given1/21/15911/28/1591
9Jagat Gosain (Jodeh Bai)Muhammed Khurram1/5/15921/22/1666lived 74 years
10Sahib Jamalno name given10/14/15943/14/1595
11daughter of Abdullah Khan Baluchno name givenJanuary 1595January 1596
12Nur un-Nisa Begumno name given8/28/1595c. 4/15/1596
13Jagat Gosain (Jodeh Bai)Luzzat-un-Nissa9/23/1597c. 1603
14Sahib JamalJahandar Mirzac. Nov, 1605????????
15Jagat Gosain (Jodeh Bai)Shahryar Mirza1/16/16051/23/1628lived 23 years
The Autobiography of Emperor Jahangueir, translated by Major David Price, Oriental Translation Committee, 1829, pages 20-21


The Autobiography of Emperor Jahangueir, translated by Major David Price,, page 20

Jahangir’s autobiography states Bahar Baunu Begum died after two months, but there is much evidence that shows she lived for over 60 years. She survived well into the realm of the Shah Jahan and was buried next to her grandmother in the Tomb of Mariam-uz-Zamani in 1653.

Was this mis-translated by Major David Price? Or was Jahangir confused and wrote the wrong information?

In The Mumtaz Chronicles, this would be a great starting point for a future story.

In Book 3, The Milk Line, I have Sahib Jamal’s daughters alive, when the history books say they died. Does the Jahangir have other daughters that he said died, that actually lived? Is there a reason Jahangir would want to document something other than the truth?

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