Game of Thrones meets Downton Abbey

I love how Downton Abbey told stories from the view of the domestics. Since very little is documented about medieval India, I love creating the world of the Royal Harem. Most of the women that lived there served in a domestic role.

One of the reasons I was interested in writing this series was the idea that thousands of women lived in one castle, and the castle provided everything they needed. There were markets, kitchens, entertainment, medical facilities, play grounds and schools for the children – all in one large place where no men were allowed. What would it take to maintain such a place?

As I write The Mumtaz Chronicles, I think of each chapter as a scene in a show. Am I writing a screenplay? I have no idea. I’ve never written one before. But I do watch shows more than I read books, so I think of my stories as an episodic show.

Although the Game of Thrones show ended badly, I love the way Season 1 started with a few characters and with each season the number of characters increased. The Mumtaz Chronicles works the same way with each novella. However, there are no zombies or dragons!

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